What Happened to Lance From Moonshiners: Get The All Information About Lance Waldroup

Moonshiners, a popular reality TV show, captivated audiences with its depiction of the secret world of illegal liquor production. Lance Waldroup, one of the show’s beloved cast members, left fans concerned about his absence. So, what happened to Lance from Moonshiners?

Lance Waldroup: Moonshiners Star

Introduction to Lance Waldroup

Lance Waldroup, known for his expertise in moonshining, was a prominent figure on the show. His skills and charisma made him a fan favorite.

Lance’s Role on Moonshiners

As part of the show’s cast, Lance contributed to showcasing the art of making moonshine while sharing personal anecdotes and insights into the trade.

Lance’s Absence and Concerns

Disappearance from the Show

Fans noticed Lance’s absence from Moonshiners, sparking worries and curiosity about his well-being.

Health Challenges

Reports surfaced indicating that Lance encountered health issues that affected his ability to continue his involvement in the show.

Personal Struggles

Lance’s absence was attributed to his health battles, which impacted both his personal life and his ability to participate in the show’s filming.

Recent Updates on Lance Waldroup

Limited Public Updates

Unfortunately, recent updates on Lance Waldroup’s current situation have been scarce. His privacy regarding personal matters remains a priority.

Support from Fans

The Moonshiners’ community continues to show unwavering support and concern for Lance’s well-being, expressing hope for his recovery.

Lance’s Legacy and Impact

Fond Memories and Impact

Lance Waldroup’s presence on Moonshiners left an indelible mark on fans, who cherish his contributions to the show and his expertise in moonshining.

Inspiration to Many

Despite facing challenges, Lance’s journey has inspired fans worldwide, emphasizing resilience and determination in the face of adversity.


Lance Waldroup’s absence from Moonshiners is primarily due to health struggles that have impacted his ability to continue participating in the show. Although recent updates on his situation remain limited, the unwavering support from fans underscores his lasting impact on the Moonshiners community.


Q: Why is Lance Waldroup not on Moonshiners anymore?

Lance faced health challenges that affected his ability to continue participating in the show.

Q: What is the current status of Lance Waldroup’s health?

Specific recent updates on Lance’s health have been limited, and he values his privacy regarding personal matters.

Q: How did Lance Waldroup contribute to Moonshiners?

Lance showcased his expertise in moonshining and shared personal insights while being a beloved member of the show’s cast.

Q: How have fans reacted to Lance’s absence?

Fans continue to express support and concern for Lance’s well-being, emphasizing his impact on the Moonshiners community.

Q: Is Lance Waldroup expected to return to Moonshiners in the future?

As of now, there’s no definitive information about Lance’s return to the show due to his health challenges.

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